About me

Hi there! My name is Angi, and I’m the brain, face and driving force behind Infused Evolution. After spending 15 years as a business strategist in the nonprofit industry, I’m bringing my expertise to you. If you can name it, I’ve done it; from financial management, to market research, to communications, sales and marketing, and even project management, I have touched nearly every level of business strategy implementation, and this has given me unique insight into tackling big organizational issues.

A couple years ago, I realized that I wasn’t inspired to climb a corporate ladder, no matter the work. Instead, I found my most passionate projects were rooted in helping individuals and organizations move ideas forward – get my hands “dirty,” in a sense. In this new role, I not only get to be a member of many different teams, but I get to support many different missions.

But despite all my years of experience and all the roles I’ve held, I’m no magic genie — I don’t have all the answers. What I do have is a knack for helping different people solve problems by leveraging their strongest skillsets, and infusing my strategic mind into the problem to help move big ideas forward.