Our unique service options fit the needs of different organizations, with different problems to solve. Our goal isn’t to come in and give all the answers, it’s simply to listen and connect the dots. Then, together, we can develop a strategy for success. 

Project consulting

Does your organization have a big picture goal or vision, but doesn’t yet have a plan of attack? Are there are clear obstacles to success, and your team needs someone who can help translate the large-scale work into manageable steps? We can be your strategic “sponge,” taking in your initial thoughts, ideas, feedback and fears – then helping you create a strategy that will get your team across the finish line. 

Organizational assessment & implementation strategy

Is your organization looking to take your success to new levels? Are you seeking an outside perspective to come in, observe, listen, survey and analyze the different moving parts and identify the root cause? We can facilitate the strategic process of learning so that your team can effectively make change. We will help them gain new perspective, identify issues, and set clear priorities, enabling your organization to work at its maximum efficiency. 

Project management

Are you looking for extra capacity to tackle a large project, without compromising your sustainable staffing structure? We can provide much-need short-term, or long-term, project support. We’ll take on some of the high-level administration of the project, allowing your team to hone in on the “meat” of it. At the end of the day, this project is still owned and executed by your organization – you’ll get all the cred. 

Grant strategy development & visioning

Have you found the perfect grant, that will propel your organization forward, but you need some help setting goals before hiring a professional grant writer? We can facilitate the goal-setting process, and help your team envision what they want to specifically achieve with the grant, then coordinate the writing of a grant proposal.

Survey development and analysis

Is your team looking for help managing and tracking data and communications to better inform your organizational strategy? We can help create an analysis tool and process that will uncover key information about your audiences and offer any recommendation for change.


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